Review, manage and plan your time.

Available on Android. It will be available on IOS and Windows Phone soon.

About VirtuaList

Secure and Online

We synchronize your data to our server so you never lose your events and statistics even when you remove app from device! Also you can log in to your created account from other devices. You can use app offline too but make sure use it online too so that you dont lose your data.

We care about your safety and privacy so we took every precaution! Your communication between our server is encyrpted and protected.


Routine events is there for reminding repeating things in your life.

You can set your routines with frequencies (interval, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and if you wish you can even record statistics (you need to set finish time for this routine). 

Mark Routines

Mark routines as done or not done and see statistics later on.

Ongoing Routines


 See ongoing routines at ongoing tab and update them. 


You can take plain text notes or list notes (like shopping lists) very quick!

If you wish you can set a reminder for each note.


Get notified with alarm and notificon on time! For alarm, you should set your event as at least medium priority.  


Big or small... Goals has to be reached! You can create goals and follow them accomplishing step by step. They can be numerical or check list style. 


See all events can be seen on mainpage over either calendar or list! All events at specific date will shown and you can also create an event on that day. 


Customize the app as you wish from preferences. 


Do everything with widgets without entering the app.